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Silver Union UAB is a company that sells lumber, glued timber house kits, also engaged in the construction of wooden houses. We offer a full range of services from project development and construction of a wooden house made of glued beams to the final interior solution. In the interior, we suggest using premium furniture of the ARGER trademark.
We produce all lumber strictly according to your parameters: the required size, the required humidity, and, if necessary, we plane the material.

Our company has an FSC certificate (FSC-C174726)
Edged board
The edged board should have a regular shape in cross section, similar to a rectangle. At the same time, it has no wane, which means that there is no bark on the edges of the products.
Rectangular lumber obtained by sawing logs from all sides with a section thickness of 100 mm.
Decking board
Larch decking board. This is the most convenient of the options for arranging a terrace with natural materials. Larch wood is not very susceptible to decay, it has a rather expressive texture.
Glued beams
High-tech construction material made of wood. It is made from several layers of wooden lamellas (fragments, boards), which are first folded into packages of the required thickness, and then glued together under a press.
Heat-treated wood
Thermowood (TMW) is a lumber made of wood that is processed by a high-temperature method. Such processing completely destroys cellulose, wood sugars and fungi, which makes the material low hygroscopic.
Pallet board
The pallet blank is intended for the further manufacture of wooden pallets and other transport containers. The pallet board is made mainly of coniferous wood species such as spruce, pine and is packed in transport packages.
Our company is engaged in the sale of softwood lumber from siberian pine and spruce. Timber harvesting and lumber production are located on the territory of Belarus.
In the Republic of Belarus, our company has production facilities, where lumber is prepared for export.
Only qualified and experienced employees operate in our workshops. We use mainly European equipment (machines and production lines of Weinig, SERRA and others), which allows you to be confident in the quality of our products.

In Belarus, we produce glued beams of various profiles, as well as finished house kits made of glued beams.

Glued beams are made according to your requirements and the maximum size up to: height 180 mm.; width 200 mm.; length 6 000 mm.

The lumber used in our production has the FSC-C174726 certificate. FSC certification is the only global system providing for the assessment of forestry activities. Certified wood is tracked from the cutting area to the processing enterprise and further to the consumer. The FSC marking guarantees the consumer the legal origin of wood and its products, as well as the fact that the products come from responsibly managed forests.

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Wooden House Construction
The basis of Wooden house construction is the use of materials made of wood. Products and constructions made of wood are reliable, durable, easy to process, and most importantly - environmentally friendly. The history of wooden house building dates back several millennia. In Russia, everything was built from wood: from a simple wooden fence to churches, royal choirs and fortresses. There are many technologies of wooden house construction. In our production for the manufacture of wall kits, we recommend using the technology of construction from glued beams.
Technology of house construction
from glued beams

This technology provides great opportunities for creating a variety of architectural and planning solutions, high operational quality and maintainability.

The obvious advantages of glued beams are its aesthetic qualities, strength, the property of preserving geometry with humidity changes, respectively, minimal shrinkage.

In comparison with solid wood beams, glued beams have significantly less internal pressure. All shrinkage and pressure relief processes (leading to curvature and cracks) take place in factory conditions. Glued beam consists of lamellae - boards dried to a humidity not exceeding 10%, planed and glued together. Before gluing, the lamellas undergo quality control, in which all defects are removed - chips, cracks, rotten knots, wane or damaged edges. The result is a finished detail that is not subject to deformation and cracking.
Next, the manufactured timber is profiled and after giving the necessary profile, it is cut into size and, according to the design documentation, the necessary technological holes are drilled. The result is a finished detail that is not subject to deformation and cracking.
The technology of house construction from glued beams is also used in the construction of houses with a double wall
A double wall made of glued beams, where the inter-wall space is filled with ecowool, is one of the most advanced technologies of wooden house construction today, combining three main qualities: environmental friendliness, energy saving and economy.
Houses with double walls made of glued beams are assembled according to the principle of the tenon-groove system. They look like a log cabin, with the only difference that there is a cavity for insulation between the walls inside.
The details of the construction of walls made of technical drying wood (external and internal walls) are connected in a double sealed lock, and between them is mostly laid an ecowool. Ecowool is a crushed foamed cellulose wood or paper pulp treated with antiseptics and flame retardants. also, due to its low thermal conductivity, it has the ability to bind fibers inside and give off moisture without changing thermal insulation properties.

As for the dew point, it is present in any wall, even in a solid timber wall, which does not affect the durability of houses. Such houses have been standing for more than 100 years and in the case of houses with double walls, the situation is similar.

Firstly, in houses with double walls, where the space between the outer and inner walls is filled with eco-wool, which has a capillary structure, its properties are very close to wood and can gain and give off up to 20 percent of moisture without loss of insulating properties;

Secondly, the tree itself pulls excess moisture from both sides;

Thirdly, this wall has a very good air exchange, it does not have a windproof film and under the influence of wind loads, moisture is removed quite intensively.
A 70 mm thick timber wall in a double version has an inter-wall space for insulation of 150 mm and a total thickness of 290 mm. Such a wall has excellent thermal parameters, which significantly reduces heating costs. In terms of resistance to heat transfer, such a wall is equivalent to a log cabin made of logs with a diameter of 500 mm. Another plus of the technology is the seamless insulation, you only need to comply with the filling requirements.
The final processing of the wall material takes place on four-sided longitudinal milling machines. On four-sided longitudinal milling machines, the final processing of the wall material takes place, so its surfaces are quite suitable for final finishing.
The house made of warm timber is ready for usage immediately after completion of construction. A house made of a double wooden wall is comparable in cost to a house made of gas silicate blocks with exterior and interior decoration. The difference between these technologies is colossal and not in favor of a gas silicate block.
Sale of glued timber house kits
Our company offers you to buy a house kit or order the construction of a house. Our specialists will undertake the entire range of work from surveys and design to the delivery of the object to the customer. The only thing that is required of you is an idea of what your house should be like.

Thanks to the placement of production in the Republic of Belarus, we have formed one of the most favorable price offers.
Sale of wooden garden structures
To expand the range, our company has started selling prefabricated wooden garden structures and modular baths. Garden buildings can be used for storing garden equipment and as garden houses.
Our designs are very easy to place on any plot of land.
For the manufacture of kits, high-quality coniferous wood of class C24 is used.

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